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Cigarettes, Mr. Minister?

Original Ukrainian vercion (see last volume of the original article) is here

New Health Minister Alexander Kvitashvili was that until recently a citizen of Georgia and held there medical reform. In many respects, Georgia and Ukraine ahead of this experience will be helpful. But not all.

If Ukraine – one of the world leaders in the fight the tobacco epidemic, Georgia woven in the tail. The work there in tobacco control – no end. For example, our waiters working in a clean atmosphere, and their Georgian counterparts back home in prosmerdilomu tobacco clothing and headache. The huge difference between

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Raising excise taxes on tobacco – one of the best measures to protect the health of the nation and to fill state budget

Original Ukranian vercion of the article is here

Despite the piercing cold and meticulous attention to the crowd near the Cabinet of Ministers of the six-year boy Peter confidently held open lesson for the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and other officials. In a large school board first grader firm hand painted graph that shows the positive impact of higher excise taxes to reduce the number of deaths from smoking. Since burdened by other public affairs “students” did not come, then Peter alongwith associates – the anti-tobacco movement activists handed Prime Minister and his deputies homework: to study shows a

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